Passed Sailpoint Certified IdentityNow Engineer Exam

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I have recently passed Sailpoint Certified IdentityNow Engineer exam and I’d like to share my preparation journey here which helps others who are planning to take this exam.


“The SailPoint Certified IdentityNow Engineer Exam covers architecture; virtual appliances; platform (search, REST API); password management, access certification, provisioning, access requests, separation of duties; and connectivity”

Prior to taking this exam I’ve completed three different IdentityNow Trainings. During these trainings I’ve got some useful and informative materials and real time use cases which really helped in the preparation of this exam

1) IdentityNow introduction course through Sailpoint internal portal ( which    is free online course for partners. 
2) IdentityNow Implementation and Administration - Essential 
3) IdentityNow Implementation and Administration - Advanced.

Candidate Profile

Candidates for this exam will be configuring and deploying IdentityNow tenants. They will have a general understanding of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), IdentityNow configurations, architecture, and best practices. Candidates should also demonstrate a good understanding of the various components of IdentityNow, which will enable them to implement and configure the individual modules of a solution Src: Sailpoint.

I spent three weeks for preparation and during this time I’ve setup a lab which covers the below configurations & use cases. Since this is a SaaS solution I’ve setup everything in the Sandbox tenant which has been given to my current organization (Telstra Purple / Kloud Solutions).

  • Set up a VA ( Virtual Appliances) in Azure
  • Configured a Source Connector
  • Created Identity Profiles
  • Defined Data models
  • Transforms and Rules
  • Configured Target connectors (AD & AAD)
  • Configured Password Management & Synchronization
  • Installed and Configured IQServices & Password Filters
  • Configured Provisioning, Life Cycle management, Certifications, SoD & Alerts etc
  • Play around with multiple IdentityNow REST Services through Postman and Java Spring boot clients
  • VA Logs and trouble shooting techniques



I’d recommend this exam to anyone who is already working in Sailpoint IIQ deployments or anyone who wants to explore industry’s best SaaS based IAM & Governance solutions. If anybody planning to take this exam have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Keep Learning!!